About Us

The Panim Hadashot Women’s Leadership Parliament  – WLP

About us:

The Panim Hadashot non-profit organization was established in 2011 to promote women in influential positions and place them at the focus of decision-making efforts (boards of directors, companies and organizations), while emphasizing personal excellence as a value that generates success.

The organization has set as its goal to change the concept of gender into an innovative and holistic social concept that inculcates the idea of diversity, which proves the profitability and significant added value of placing women in key positions in companies and organizations.

The organization acts through forums that lead projects for girls and women to raise the proven advantages that women have as women, while focusing on equal opportunity and social and economic leverage for Israeli society.

The organization’s agenda is led by its vision to make “affirmative action” legislation superfluous, while at the right time advancing legislation and enforcement of equal representation on boards of directors and in senior positions in government ministries and authorities and in the business sector.

The human capital leading the organization is made up of professionals in the free professions, academics and senior leaders in the Israeli economy, who serve as mentors and personal role models, thereby leaving a strong imprint and creating change through movement in all of the projects run by “Panim Hadashot”.

The members of the organization are professional entrepreneurs who are leaders in their fields, and who have established unique initiatives from the idea stage through final implementation.  This human capital is the organization’s growth engine, and is accessible through the various projects as mentors and inspirations alongside personal examples.

The results of the organization’s activity prove that in our era, “agents” are not enough to create change among graduates, regardless of the quality of their studies.  Teachers and lecturers are considered pipelines for the transfer of knowledge.

In contrast, the unique proven advantages of those “who have done it”, learned, charted their own paths, and succeeded, combined with endless charisma and bringing their personal example front and center, provide a winning combination. They are setting facts on the ground.

For instance, the great majority of graduates of one of our programs – Panim Lemada – chose to study sciences in the year following their completion of our course.  These hundreds of students from all over the country, who are our graduates, are the reserve for the future. This is a major success that is already having an effect, and its results over time are already coming to fruition.

One-hundred-and-fifty members of the organization are agents of change in the field.

The barriers posed in all of the programs in which the organization operates manage to generate content and practica, which leads to the winning combination.

The organization operates in 10 diverse professional areas, and aims to provide the best tools and skills for improving performance and realizing its vision.

The following are the projects run by the organization throughout Israel, in various sectors of society, by the professional forums (government, public education, and in the Druze and Arab sectors):


  1. The science and technology forum – operates the “Panim LeMada” program, a roving 8-session course to encourage girls to study sciences (girls in middle-school, prior to their decision on high school study majors).
  2. The forum for the eradication of government corruption – operates the program to eradicate government corruption – a roving high school course for 11th and 12th grade students that teaches the values of morals and eradication of corruption, creating agents of social change, and encouraging good citizenship.  The course has won recognition thanks to a final project that entitles the students to 20% of their grade on their Civics matriculation exam. At the end of each year, there is a ceremony at the Knesset, in partnership with the lobby to eradicate corruption, in the presence of members of Knesset, that is intended for graduates of the program and their parents, school staff members, and representatives of the organization.  During the ceremony, a formal summary discussion is held and certificates are awarded.
  3. The municipal forum – operates the “Voyage of Transformation” program, an 8-session course taught in conjunctions with the local authorities, which provides a set of tools for life and career transitions for women, and creates women’s communities, social and business networking, the development of local leadership, and leveraging of opportunities.
  4. The 40+ employment forum – The organization initiated an appeal to Ben-Gurion University, and currently conducts research into the reasons people aged 40 and over are being excluded from the employment market.  The forum established a Knesset lobby, and has written a draft legislation bill to encourage employers, while working diligently with the Knesset lobby.
  5. Financial forum – operates a program for financial education and awareness for women, called “Women’s personal finance”.  The program provides financial tools for women in order to ensure their financial future and leverage their behavior vis-à-vis the banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and bank accounts.
  6. The parenting and career forum – In order to balance family life and career, the forum runs the “Parent as mentor” program in companies and organizations to maximize and optimize the maneuvering between family life and commitment to career.
  7. The Knesset Gender Guard – In 2016, the organization established a Gender Guard at the Knesset – the first of its kind in the State of Israel.  The program developed an algorithm to examine the actual performance of our representatives in the Israeli parliament in promoting women, as reflected in legislation, legislative initiatives, queries, lobbies, rapid discussions, and gender initiatives.  In January 2018, the first Gender Index was published in a ceremony at the Knesset, in which certificates of appreciation were distributed to the first ten excelling members of Knesset, and their activity was held up as an example. The Gender Guard is now considering the establishment of an international gender guard to exchange information and legislative ideas, mission trips and promotion of the value of measurement and appreciation.  The Gender Guard is also currently considering the preparation of an experiential program in gender education for young children, and integrating it in kindergartens.
  8. The business networking forum – A forum that acts to leverage intra- and inter-organizational networking, establishing cooperative ventures, and maximizing the organization’s human resources wealth.
  9. The forum for coexistence – A Jewish-Arab forum that acts to bring people together, gain personal and family acquaintance, drive away barriers and charged relations, and replace them with respectful dialogue.  The form runs “Voyages of Transformation”, and sent a mission to the United Nations made up of 38 Jewish, Arab and Druze women in 2016. The forum also sets up cooperative ventures with local and international organizations to expand the dialogue.
  10. The entrepreneurship forum – operates, “Entrepreneurship on the Cusp” as part of International Entrepreneurship Week, and establishes local and international cooperative ventures.

Members of the management committee:

Cheli Friedman – Founder and Chairman of the Organization

Nofiya Ohana

Sarah Burbin

Dr. Claudia Barzilai

Racheli Ganot

Tamar Rudrick – Treasurer

Adv. Shosh Riber – Legal Counsel