About Us

Main activities

The IWLP organization follows an innovative volunteer model emerged from the professionalism of its members, where women appointed to positions according to their professional and experience credentials. This model creates synergy among the organization’s members, as well as adding value to management and projects implementation. 

The IWLP is led by a Board of six women supported by a legal consultant, accountant and an internal audit committee. The organization holds an annual general meeting as required by law. 

The organization structure designed to be involved in various domains. For each domain there is a special forum run by the chairwoman and team members working on their domain expertise, creating business opportunities, social and economic growth as well as enriching networking. 

The combination of volunteer work with personal and social growth approved as a Win-Win model, allowing continuing and fulfilling service tasks and activities over long period. 

An important component of our work is encouraging individual initiative in social volunteer work, allowing our volunteers to work closely with community, social, business, government, organizations, and institutions, creating important professional networks for them.

The IWLP is honored to present an academic study entitled “Exclusion of elderly workers aged 45 and above from employment” on behalf of Ben-Gurion University, under the auspices and with the contribution of former Ben-Gurion University President, Prof. Rivka Carmi.

The IWLP has been working on these topics for several years, in addition to leading a lobby in the Knesset (co-chaired by former MK Eitan Kabel and Erel Margalit) and coordinating large conferences with the mayors of Givatayim and Rosh HaAyin.

As drafted by the organization’s leaders, the convention called on business leaders to encourage the employment of people aged 45+, whose experience and ability to work on a flexible schedule, as well as their job stability, proves essential for business success.

It is the first study of its kind in Israel and sheds light on a complex reality of women and men being left out of the employment market because of age, a phenomenon that impairs the economy’s growth and it seeks a change in perception.

The organization selects unique projects in diverse fields that aim at bringing about female empowerment through its vision and making it a reality.

Our Vision

The Israeli Women’s Leadership Parliament – (IWLP) was established in 2011 by successful professional women with the vision that diversity in gender leadership will create a positive change and improve the Israeli society leadership. 

We believe that diversity in leadership and in influential positions along with optimal use of skills and experience, can enhance organizations, promote growth and prosperity, and have a significant positive effect on the Israeli society in general. Promoting women that exhibit outstanding leadership abilities and proven professional records can help break down barriers and ensure open equal opportunities in fields dominated by men. 

The IWLP encourages and inspires women to actively engage in the public sphere, recognizing the importance of having women in influential positions in Israel as well as to facilitating social promoting, business, and economic activities in the spirit of this vision. 

The majority of IWLP’s volunteers are women working in commerce, science, education and other professions in a variety of industries.

The IWLP fosters the value of creating a new gender agenda and leading the shift in perception from ‘gender and sector’ to ‘partnership and diversity’. 

“In politics, if you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” 

Margaret Thatcher